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  • An Authorised Insurance Intermediary servicing the needs of Credit Union Members, their family and friends.
  • Full Advisory service to the Member
  • Independently owned business based out of Limerick, owned by Eamon Lynch MSc, CFP, QFA & Damien Hannigan QFA
  • Authorised to provide advice on Life, Pensions, Savings & Investments & Mortgage Advice
  • Approved & Authorised by Central Bank of Ireland
  • Unique Advisory Process aimed at providing the Member, their family and friends with a high calibre service
  • Focused on meeting the best interests of the Member at all times


At CU Insured we are different, we are upfront in our approach. We take our time and ensure you are happy with everything.

We are set up to look after Credit Union Members, their families and friends.

We are trusted by your Credit Union to provide you with Professional unbiased Financial advice.

We take the time to fully understand our client’s needs and build a personal long-term relationship.

We like to keep things simple, we don’t over complicate things and we don’t use Financial jargon.



The credit union Brand is the most trusted in Ireland and it has placed its trust in us to provide this highly valuable service to you and the rest of your fellow members, family and friends.


We promise to be transparent in all of our dealings with you including the disclosure of all costs and commissions pertaining to business we place on your behalf.


Our business is dedicated to servicing credit union members, like you. We are the leading firm in Ireland providing this service supporting credit union members across the whole of the country.


Our processes are fully compliant with all rules and regulations specified by the Central Bank of Ireland and are available for full audit by their inspectors, at any time.


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    CUinsured Limited is regulated by the Central Bank of Ireland.

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