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Life Insurance

It’s usually only in times of adversity or hardship that we realise the importance of protecting those we love – and what we own.

CU Insured can help advise you on the best way you can “keep the show on the road” if something untoward were to happen to you such as serious illness or premature death.There are lots of options and we can provide you with the products that best suit your needs and your budget.

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Wealth management

Low-Interest Rates coupled with low inflation rates have had a huge impact on the ability to secure reasonable rates of return on deposit-type savings. Of course, the financial crisis of 2008 has also affected most investors attitude towards taking a risk. We often hear customers saying: “I want a better return on my investment but I don’t want to take any risks with it”.

Talk to us about how we can help you make informed decisions about how and where to invest your savings. We will tailor a solution to meet your personal needs and ensure we manage things so as our recommendations always remain relevant to your circumstances.

I Need to Create an Educational Fund for My Child’s Future.

Retirement Planning

It’s very difficult to imagine what retirement is going to look like when you’re more consumed with paying the rent/mortgage at the end of each month and getting the kids through school!

However, it’s never too early to start putting a small amount of money away each month so as to build up a retirement fund that can actually help provide you with some degree of comfort in your Golden Years.

Our Advisors will openly discuss with you what you might need to invest and what it might be worth when you get to retirement. The range of product options available is extensive and there is flexibility in regards to varying your regular contributions in order to reflect whatever stage of life you are at.

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Estate Planning

All of us want to do the right thing for our loved ones when it comes to passing our assets onto them after death.However, there are significant Capital Acquisitions Tax (Inheritance Tax) liabilities for beneficiaries, outside of your legal Spouse, inheriting your assets.

It seems like a complicated subject and there are lots of people who feel it seems inappropriate to discuss life after death issues whilst they are alive and well. Our view is that time spent now putting your affairs in order will ensure you don’t leave those closest to you with a headache rather than an asset!

I Need Help Passing My Estate Onto My Children

Income Protection

For most of us, the most valuable and, perhaps most undervalued, asset we have is our income – without it, we can’t pay the rent/mortgage or the other day to day bills such as food, utilities, holidays, insurance etc. When things are going well it’s difficult to imagine what would happen if we suffered a long-term illness or disability and what would happen to the bills that would keep landing on the doormat.

The good news is that you can speak with one of our Advisors today about an insurance policy that covers you in such circumstances and ensures that you can focus on your recovery and not on paying bills.

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Our Experienced Advisors Can Help You

You are invited to a Free Consultation with a CU Insured highly Qualified Financial Advisor in private at your preferred location. We will discuss your questions and provide you with solutions.

Our Process

At CU Insured we make it very easy for you. We meet you and find out what you need. After this we look at
your situation and do a review to see how we can help you.

Meetings are highly confidential

We can meet you at your local credit union, or at home, or at an alternative location – the important thing is that it suits you.

We understand that people lead very busy lives and can’t always take time off work to come into town.

Step 01

Initial Meeting

Your initial meeting will last between 30-45 minutes.

We want to ensure we spend sufficient time with you so as we understand your circumstances and your objectives

We would ask you to bring along any existing policies that you would like us to review for you to this meeting

Relax – we won’t expect you to make any decisions to purchase any products or services at this meeting

Your initial meeting will last between 30-45 minutes.

We want to ensure we spend sufficient time with you so as we understand your circumstances and your objectives

We would ask you to bring along any existing policies that you would like us to review for you to this meeting

Relax – we won’t expect you to make any decisions to purchase any products or services at this meeting

Step 02

Follow Up

We may come back to you and ask you for some more information if we feel it is important in finalising our recommendations to you.

We will use our expertise and experience to evaluate all of the options available in the marketplace in order to recommend a proposal that best suits your specific needs.

We will keep you informed of our progress during all stages of this process

Step 03


We will arrange a suitably convenient time and place to meet you in order to present our recommendations to you.

We will document, in plain English, our proposals and have a copy available for you to take away.

We will disclose all fees and/or commissions we will earn from our nominated Product Provider in order that you can be sure of our transparency and honesty.

Step 04


Review needs on an annual basis at face to face meeting.

One-to-One Confidential Financial Advice

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Credit Union Member Testimonials

In my first meeting with Ger he explained what CU Insured were about, the services provided. I was very impressed so much so that I’m currently doing business with CU Insured through Ger. The service he provides is excellent, his explanations of available products and the advice he provides is top class


With the help and advice of Sinead Herbert – CU Insured- my husband and I reviewed our Life Insurance/ Critical Health Insurance and she sourced a more suitable policy . I also have had guidance with pension advice enabling me to utilise the optimum Added Voluntary Contributions to enhance my final pension. Sinead has been professional , very knowledgeable and efficient. I certainly would recommend to my friends and family to meet with Sinead for a financial review. Thank you


James, extremely professional, made insurance easier to understand and gave us a made to measure policy that suits our family's needs.

Rosemarie & Robert

I would like to thank you again for your fantastic advice and patients,not only did you get me better mortgage protection but you also got me and my partner life cover that we didn't have before and for a cheaper premium, we really are delighted with the level of service you provided.

Jackie & Adrian

Credit Union Member Articles

Eamon Lynch

Education : MSc (Hons) Financial Services,
Phone :
Mail : [email protected]

Christine Cagney

Education : APA Life & Pensions
Accounts, Pension and Life Administrator
Phone :
Mail : [email protected]

Martin Fallon

Education : QFA
Tallaght & District, Tallaght West, Greenhills, Donore Dublin, Athlone
Phone :
Mail : [email protected]

Sinead Herbert

Education : QFA
Ashbourne, Malahide, Trinity, Monaghan
Phone :
Mail : [email protected]

Keith Brazil

Education : QFA
St. Ailbes, Roscrea, St Dominc's, Lisduggan, Tramore, Ballincollig, Gurranabraher
Phone :
Mail : [email protected]

Damien Hannigan

Education : QFA, RPA, CUC, CUG
Sales Director
Phone :
Mail : [email protected]
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