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CU Insured extends service to Gurranabraher Credit Union Members

CU Insured extends service to Gurranabraher Credit Union Members

CUInsured extends services to Gurranabraher Credit Union Members

Gurranabraher Credit Union, Corks’ Northside’s largest Credit Union has recently joined forces with brokerage CUInsured to provide members with independent Financial advice. This service will cater for the needs of Gurranabraher Credit Union members with the provision of on-site financial services from their Bakers Road Offices.

The completely free service, is provided by CUinsured, an independent insurance brokerage, with their own Qualified Financial Advisor, Hazel Monaher, available on site to Gurranabraher Credit Union Members. No matter how many times a member uses the service, there will be no charge. It’s also completely without obligation. Members can ignore any advice given to them or indeed take that advice and do something else with it themselves if they prefer to.

Speaking at the launch in Gurranabraher Credit Union, Philip Hosford, CEO, Gurranabraher Credit Union says “Our stated mission is to become Corks most trusted Financial Services provider and with this service we can now cater for members financial requirement more fully. With CUInsured we are taking one more step to achieving that aim. This service is part of our Member Engagement Strategy which focuses on putting the member at the center of everything that we do and provide access to the services they really need.”

CEO CUInsured, Mike Mulrenan, said at the launch event “We understand the culture of the Credit Union as a mutual society. Our emphasis is on putting the members’ best interests first and foremost, which is what the ethos of the Credit Union is all about and what is severely lacking in the approach of the banks and other commercial financial institutions.”

Through CUInsured, Gurranabraher Credit Union Members will be able to access a full range of financial services such as: life assurance, serious illness, income protection, investments, unit-linked savings, pensions and estate planning. Members will also be able to compare the costs they are currently paying on insurance policies, as many members with existing policies may be paying over the odds for a package that doesn’t suit.

Credit Union Members can contact 021 4303394 directly to arrange a Free Financial Heath check or email [email protected] .

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