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The Importance of having adequate Life Cover in the Year 2020

Month: April 2020

The Importance of having adequate Life Cover in the Year 2020

Bringing in the new year we never imagined a global health crisis was looming, none of us had any previous experience of living through a pandemic and the emotional stress trials and inconveniences that follow. With all the news reports on Coronavirus (Covid 19), we understand that this is...

Pension and Savings contributions during the Covid-19 Pandemic

The spread of the coronavirus COVID-19 beyond China to the rest of the world has caused a significant downturn in world economies and financial markets with many stock markets recording historical falls, followed by record recovery and continued volatility. Let us look at the importance of maintaining Pension and...

Working from home? E-Working and How to claim Tax Relief

Employees working from home can claim tax relief. This payment is to cover expenses such as heating and electricity costs. Revenue allows an employer to make payments up to €3.20 per day to employees who satisfy the conditions for the relief, without deducting PAYE, PRSI, or USC. If your...

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