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The Importance of having adequate Life Cover in the Year 2020

The Importance of having adequate Life Cover in the Year 2020

Bringing in the new year we never imagined a global health crisis was looming, none of us had any previous experience of living through a pandemic and the emotional stress trials and inconveniences that follow. With all the news reports on Coronavirus (Covid 19), we understand that this is a worrying time for you and your families.  We now know that the virus is not choosey in who it targets thus we need to be cognitive of the fact that adequate life cover is more important now than ever.

Given the unpredictability of life, adequate life cover gives wonderful peace of mind and financial security. To protect the unexpected a life policy will help take the financial burden away from your family so that they can deal with the emotional side of the “unexpected” and allow you the space to deal with the grief of losing a loved one. Life Cover offers the financial backing to build a new future.

In the latter stages of our lives it is necessary to plan for Funeral expenses, so this is not a financial burden that falls to our spouse or children.  We have seen first- hand the benefits paid to our clients and the financial freedom that brings when they need it most.

We, at CUinsured are here to support you by offering you best advice in terms of choosing the most suitable protection cover for you and your family during this health emergency.

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Sinead Herbert, CU Insured,
Qualified Financial Advisor

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